Anchor text in word or link text clickable text of a link

Anchor text in word
Anchor text in word
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What is anchor text and how to better your tie-in text?

Anchor text in word – or link text—is the seeable, clickable reader of a connection. It is usually displayed in a different color than the surrounding text and is often underlined. Useful link reader informs the bookworm what to hope for when they connect on the tie. Getting your anchor text correctly increases your chances of clicking on a link and helps search engines with context.

What does an anchor text look like?

Anchor text in word describes the article being linked and entices viewers to click. Even search engines understand that the linked article is relevant because there is a link between the URL and the link text. So, for example, if you want to link to this article, you can use the link / anchor text like this: What is anchor text? So you link to other articles in a way that seems normal to the reader.

What does anchor text look like in HTML? The first part of the code is the URL, while the second part describes the link – and this is the anchor text. Like this:

Anchor text in word

Why is link text important for SEO?

Anchor text in word or Links are important for SEO: you need to add internal links, for example, to clean up your site structure in search engines. The text of the link helps search engines understand your (internal) links; This gives them more context. When you link to other content, Google uses the link text as an indicator of the content of the linked page. If the text of the link matches your original phrase, Google cannot tell which article is most relevant to that topic and should be ranked for that original phrase. Thus, affirmative, Anchor text in word is a higher-ranking component for Google.

In addition to adding context to search engine links, link like anchor text in word is also important for your users. The anchor text specifies the value of a link and tells them where it takes them. Therefore, using focus keyphrase in link text can be confusing for both search engines and your users. That’s why you should actively avoid competing links.

Different types of link text

Anchor text in word is relevant to both your internal links and your incoming external links. External sites can link to your content in a variety of ways.

1. Branded Link: A link to your brand name as an anchor like Yoast.

2. URL itself: Only the URL of your site without any text, such as In so much cases, that is not assistive.

3. Site Name: Written as

5. Article or page title: Exactly match the page title, such as anchor text ?.

6. Correct Keywords: Your focus keyword / keyphrase as anchor text

7. Partially matched keywords: Create a readable link using variations of your focus keywords.

8. Related Keywords: Not a direct match, but a keyword or key phrase that is closely related to the main one.

9. Taxonomic group links: Try to keep off these ‘click here’ and ‘read more’ links. Tell people about what a link is. Otherwise, they are guessing.

Check out the link focus keyphrase on Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress and Shopify come through a link focusing keyphrase assay, which can serve you to better your link like anchor text in word. This check alerts you when it identifies competing links in your text. A link is considered a competing link when its anchor text contains the focus keyphrase for which you want to rank your page. So, Link Focus Keyphrase Check evaluates links on a page and their anchor text and notifies you if you have competing links. If you have Yoast SEO Premium or Yoast SEO for Shopify, the check will also find synonyms for your keyphrase.

Let’s consider an example. Say you wrote an article about potato chips, so your focus keyword is ‘potato chips.’ If you use a link with the anchor text in word ‘Potato Chips’ in the same post, that link will be considered a competing link.

When Yoast SEO identifies a competing link, it displays a warning message on the results of the SEO analysis.

How To Improve Your Anchor Link Text

So, what if Yoast SEO warns you that your text contains competing links? Follow the tips below to improve your link text!

1. Create a natural flow

In general, there should be a normal flow of writing. The same is true for link anchor text in word. When increasing links, get certain they suit well with the remainder of the text. See it like this. If you are struggling to push a link in a sentence, the link is probably not included there. It’s best to keep it elsewhere, and avoid making your texts unnatural and difficult to read. So, while links are important for SEO, you should make sure that they do not go the way they want to convey.

2. Match the link text with the content you are linking to

A good practice for writing link anchor text in word is to combine the text of the link with the page you are linking to. When a reader sees the linked text, they immediately know what to expect when they click on it. Take a look at the anchor text in wordin the picture below.

Anchor text in word

The links in this example merge seamlessly with the rest of the text. Moreover, you know exactly what to expect when you click on a link. For example, the link text “Content Analysis in Yoast SEO Plugin” leads to a post explicitly explaining the features of Yoast SEO Content Analysis. How about link text “meta description.” The link to the sentence is about optimizing your text. So, you would expect the link to lead to a post about optimizing meta descriptions. And that’s what it does.

3. Do not deceive your readers

In the example above, the link anchor text in word have been used responsibly. That is very important. You should not attempt to fob your bookmen with links. For example, if the text of your link says “potato chips”, it would be a bad habit to take that link to the reader’s car dealership page.

4. Clear the link text clickable

Lastly, make it clear to the reader that the anchor text in word of the link is clickable. You can underline or both, using a different color for the link.

5. Bonus Tip: Quote your entire key phrase

Suppose you are writing an article with a long-tail focus keyphrase, ‘Learning how to knit.’ . The focus of the link check is to avoid getting a red bullet for keyphrase, you can quote the whole original phrase, so the analysis only matches the whole phrase instead of individual words.

Want to know more about how to improve your anchor text in wordand SEO copywriting? We have a number of SEO courses that can help you, such as ubiquitous SEO, Site Structure and SEO Copywriting courses. Get access to these courses with Yoast SEO Premium, which gives you access to additional features of the Yoast SEO plugin.

Internal links and anchor text

We all know that internal links are essential. Yoast SEO for WordPress has a built-in internal link tool that makes it much easier to find relevant content to link to your site. Whenever you add a relevant link to your article, you need to think about the anchor text as well. Thinking carefully about how and why you link to these articles can help both users and search engines easily navigate your site to improve your internal linking structure.

To maximize internal links, try adding only links that add real value to users. Write great anchor text for them, so readers know that this link has been carefully selected to help them find out more. Don’t link to it. Make it relevant and useful. And of course, don’t spam!

Anchor text in word

This is the anchor text

Anchor text in word helps both the user and the search engine decide whether a link is worth seeing. Some people try to play this system, but do not fall into this trap. Nowadays, Google is good at identifying unnatural and even harmful links. So, keep it normal and relevant, and you’d better go!

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