To be brave means to go through hardships and dangers in search of generosity

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Be brave means. Courage is divided into two types:

  • Moral Courage: Represents the ability to follow one’s own conscience despite the social consequences and the possible consequences of sandals or gossip. Having moral courage means adhering to your morals and inner convictions regardless of risk.
  • Physical Courage: Putting your real body and life at risk. Soldiers are perfect examples. They are willing to give their lives in line for a cause; Not their reputation.

Be brave means.

The two may seem very different, but really think about it, any kind of courage comes down to one thing; Take risks.

The most famous figure for his perfectly embodied courage is Hercules – the legendary ancient Greek hero we’ve all heard of.

Hercules was portrayed in Greek mythology as a powerful, tough-living warrior who survived what we can imagine through emotional choice. Although this is far from the truth.

In legend, when Hercules was a young man, he came across a path where he would choose one of two choices.

A gorgeous, luxuriously dressed goddess presented him with the first choice. He promised her a life full of comfort, joy and peace if she wanted to follow him.

A goddess also represented the other way, except that she was simply dressed and offered him something completely different. He offered her a less tempting life of struggle, not joy and hard work is not easy.

Be brave means.

Hercules hesitated, but then decided to ignore all the threats. And. terror he could face and to follow the path where he would go through all kinds of hardships. And fight for glory and lead a victorious life.

Going through life with logic as your weapon will help you overcome your fears:

Another prominent Greek figure whose story we can benefit from is the famous Pericles. The Greek statesman and general in the golden age of Athens.

During his long political career, Pericles was occasionally assigned to lead the city’s troops. At that moment, he noticed that his people were suddenly trembling with fear. Why? A storm struck, and those people took it as an ominous sign. Because, at that time, they did not have an explanation of how lightning and thunderstorms occur. Yet, Pericles bore issues into his own hands – literally. He grabbed two stones and started hitting each other to mimic the sound of lightning.

Be brave means.

He showed his people that there was nothing but the sound of thunder. Just like two stones. Realizing the situation, they were no longer afraid.

The core of the narrative is that suspicion is the foe of bravery. However, being brave does not mean overcoming all fears. Having a logical explanation in your mind for something that scares you is the ideal way to ease your nerves. And prevent fear from overwhelming your courage.

Limit your fears, but don’t ignore them:

People tend to spread their fears about what they do not clearly understand. Here’s the trick: You can’t expect to ignore all the fears! Life does not go that way.

In reality, your fears should be imagined. And fully understood in order to know their limits. And discover their true dimensions. One way to do this is to follow what author. And entrepreneur Tim Ferris calls fear setting.
Fear setting is a process where you examine and express the fears that disrupt your life. This method has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times.

The Stoic Roman philosopher called it the Premeditation Malory, which translates into the foreshadowing of evil.

This is similar to the fear setting and basically advises you to know the possible misfortunes in your life, which makes them less frightening.
Fear setting is a process where you examine and express the fears that disrupt your life. This method has been around since ancient Greek and Roman times.

It’s an aspect of self-assured optimism: I’m ready for whatever comes my way and I have the ability to fix it.

Eventually, your mind will stop exaggerating the fear and eventually your mindset will become like a drama queen.

You don’t need great gestures for courage:

Brave deeds do not always have to look great and glorious. Sometimes it takes courage to take the simple steps you take to cross the road.
Aristotle believed that qualities are the things we acquire day by day. Just as a pianist learns to play day after day in order to become one. So courage is gained by being brave in small ways over time.

One of the most admired women in British history, Florence Nightingale, embodied this ability when she first embarked on her medical journey.
At the time, being a nurse was not acceptable to a woman of her dignity, so she decided to take small steps and work in the hospital only for the summer. He did not promise to revolutionize the field, but he did.

On the other hand, people like Thomas Edison took a different path. He thought life was too short, and not worth the big jump.

At the time, being a nurse was not acceptable to a woman of her dignity, so she decided to take small steps and work in the hospital only for the summer. She did not promise to revolutionize the field, but he did.

It is important to understand that the views of Nightingale and Edison do not contradict each other. Always be aware of your limits but dream big. Your steps may start small like Nightingale but big like Edison.

A life-changing task of courage may take less time than you expected:

In the 1960s, there was intense competition between Nixon and JF Kennedy, two presidential candidates. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested for eating a black man at a city department store in Atlanta. The people of the south despised the king, so they denied him bail and sentenced him to four months in prison on false charges. His wife was scared for his life, so he contacted the two presidential candidates and asked for their help. Nixon was a close friend of the King and could have granted him bail in a 1-minute phone call, but he did not choose because he feared losing the Southern vote.

On the contrary, JFK has decided to take a risk and show his courage. He instantly reached his network until King was yet fired. Kennedy made sure to publicize what he had done with the king and that he won the presidential election the following month.

John Kennedy’s simple, courageous work and risk won him the election. By comparison, Nixon’s cowardice and abandoning the king in his time of need had to be spent on the election. And gave his opponent a perfect opportunity to show his courage.

Being a hero shows selfless courage:

We all know Martin Luther King and his revolutionary work for the civil rights movement in the twentieth century, but the one we don’t know is Stanley Levinson.

He was behind many of the King’s earthquake speeches and fundraising campaigns.

Martin Luther King’s Dangerous Friendship – Forward

Sadly, when JF heard allegations that Levinson had communist ties, he pressured the king to release him.

Levison’s heroic response was not to forcefully tarnish his innocence and the King’s movement; He decided to remain unselfishly silent and left the movement without any problems.

Levison gave a reason that he sacrificed his life not to show regular courage but to show heroism. A hero is one who chooses a higher purpose than his fame and ignores his ego and self-worth for the greater good.

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Who is Ryan Holiday?

Be brave means. Ryan Holiday can be considered one of the lucky ones who overcame all adversity. He dropped out of college as a teenager. In such situations, the future often looks dark and one can easily be called centerless. However, Holiday made his way and became a famous media strategist and a prominent writer.

Be brave means.
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