Benefits of meditation-Julian Mantel shared spiritual awakening.

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The mental health benefits of meditation include better focus and concentration, improved self-awareness and self-esteem, lower levels of stress and increased anxiety and generosity. Meditation is also beneficial for your physical health, as it can improve
your endurance for pain and help fight substance abuse.

Julian Mantel experienced a spiritual awakening while working as a high-powered, wealthy lawyer:

These people were all; What it looked like. Mantle was a graduate of Harvard Law School and one of the most outstanding and notable judicial lawyers in the United States. A red Ferrari was parked outside his palace. It was such a story.

Underneath everything, work was eating him inside out; He had an overload of lawsuits that sucked his life. Mantel was struggling, and it was too much to handle. Eventually, he collapsed in the courtroom after suffering a massive heart attack. As a result, he quit his career and did not return to law practice. After her heart attack, no one on her farm listened to her.

Mantle then moved to India to learn about yogis who deny age. He was looking for a simple life, a life with money. In Kashmir, he heard fascinating stories about the great sages of Shivna. Inspired by his discovery, he entered the Himalayas, where he met the monks who lived there. And that was rigidly what he was peeking for.

benefit of meditation

A mysterious legend teaches the seven most essential principles of the Shivana system:

Mantel took his knowledge from another monk, Yogi Raman, who was one of the sages of Savannah. Mantle learned from him deep and spiritual ways of acquiring money and vitality. But that knowledge was given on one condition; He must return home and spread his teachings.

He taught people the seven essential qualities that are part of the Shivana system in spreading knowledge. Each quality is a part of a fairy tale. The story begins in a lush green garden with brightly coloured flowers. However, this serenity is disturbed after a giant sumo wrestler does nothing but wear a pink wire to cover his modesty.

benefit of meditation

When he turns around, he stumbles upon a gold watch and as soon as he wears it, he loses consciousness and falls to the ground. Finally, she woke up to the scent of yellow flowers. He gets up and studies his surroundings until he finds a way out of the diamond. As the path leads to eternal happiness and joy, he rushes towards it.

By mastering your mind, you can find perfection:

This legend represents the mind. Sumo wrestling means fear of noise in our minds; It’s like throwing rubbish in their mental garden. That is why controlling your mind should be your priority only by entering positive and pleasurable thoughts.

These thoughts that let us enter our brains completely control our lives. In this way, filling your mind with selective and meaningful ideas will improve your quality of life.

To achieve complete control over your mind and not vice versa, a strategy called “The Heart of the Rose” comes in handy. To get started, you need to be in a quiet room with a beautiful flower to focus on. Then, fill your mind with all the details of that flower and start observing that flower; Texture, colour, beauty, etc.

Eventually, you will become closer to the feeling of happiness, serenity and joy.

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Conquer your mind to find perfection:

The garden represents the mind; The first principle is to control and control your mind and emotions. The best way is to keep it clean, feel positive and think positively. You can have a peaceful and meaningful life only through positive and healthy thinking. Our thoughts shape us, and we shape our lives.

We can choose what to focus on in our lives. If we decide to focus on negativity and misfortune, misery will follow. But if we prioritize a positive and developed mindset, it will ultimately lead to a successful and meaningful life.

You can train your mind to clear the scattering and concentrate on positive thoughts by doing a simple exercise, the sages of Shivana call it the heart of the rose.

To get started, you will need a quiet place and of course, a rose. Look at the centre of the rose. Pay immediate awareness to its consistency, colour and magnificence. Fill your mind with thoughts about how wonderful it is.

At first, it will be difficult, and many thoughts will enter your mind, but remember, it is about disciplining your mind. Spend more time looking at the rose every day, admiring its beauty.

Eventually, you will find it easier to control and manage your thoughts to fill your mind with feelings of calm and joy.

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Ambition and purpose will guide you:

The second quality is about purpose. It represents the beacon of legend.

benefit of meditation

Religion, “the purpose of life,” is a Sanskrit word used by monks. Religion comes from an ancient belief that everyone has a unique mission to accomplish while on earth.

It comes from an ancient belief that everyone has a unique mission to accomplish while on earth. So you have to identify your goals and work hard to achieve them.

The sages of Shivna believed that they could not waste their time knowing their purpose.

The five-step process for achieving personal goals begins by creating your mental picture of the outcome. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and get fit, you need to imagine a fitter and leaner version of yourself.

The second step is to put good pressure on yourself. Stress can be an amazing source of inspiration that will push a person to realize his potential. In other expressions, it will make them to their limitations.

In the third stage, a timeline is constructed. You must have a deadline.

The fourth stage is what Yogi Raman calls the Magic Rule of 21. After 21 days, unique conduct evolves a practice.

In the last stage? Enjoy the process!

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Constantly improving yourself is the key to an amazing and successful life:

Representing the endless progress of sumo wrestling, Kaizen. For this virtue, the monks made a ten-step ritual to lead a radiant life.

The first is the practice of solitude. There should live a point of stillness every daytime. That way, you can calm your mind and finally access your creativity.

The second ritual is the ritual of physicality. Move your body.

The third is live nutrition. Eat only live foods following a vegetarian diet.

The latter is the practice of abundant knowledge. Finally, find a way to keep your mind awake and stimulated through learning, reading, and studying.

The fifth is the practice of personal reflection. It’s about reflecting on your day. Is there anything you can accomplish to enhance your daytime?

The sixth is the ritual of early awakening. This is not easy for those who want to sleep because you have to get up with the sun after six hours of sleep.

The seventh ritual is the ritual of music. Listen to music as much as possible because music boosts your mood.

The next ritual is the practice of spoken words. It’s about creating a personal motivation or mantra to inspire you to reach your goals.

The following is the conduct of a consistent character. The goal of this step is to make sure you always follow your explanations.

The last is the practice of simplicity. Live a simple life and find the meaning of the path.

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Explain your time wisely by living an orderly life:

Sumostigi was naked in the fairy tale, only a pink veil covering her private parts.

This represents the fourth quality of wire which is discipline. Strict self-discipline is related to building an orderly and structured life.

One of Yogi’s favorite exercises was not talking for a day.

benefit of meditation

Sumo, later, found a gold stopwatch. It represents the fifth quality: respecting your time and knowing its value. Pay attention to every passing second.

Mastering your time and how to use it to master your life. Another important lesson is to be ruthless with your own time and learn how not to say it. Live every daytime as if this is your final. With that method, you’ll know to prioritize your term.

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Serve selflessly with a joyful attitude to live a rewarding life:

The mantle breaks down from stress. It was a wake-up call for him. Sumoto of the legend fell unconscious. Sumoti woke up in full force to see the beautiful yellow rose.

An ancient Chinese proverb says that a sign of perfume will always be in the hands of those who present it. Flowers stand unselfishly to help others, the sixth virtue of the Shivana system. The monks say that doing this will improve your life.

After being revived by those roses, the wrestler discovered a diamond-studded path that led him to joy.

The sages realized that the key to happiness living now, represented the seventh quality.

It means appreciating everything around you and every little detail so that you can live with gratitude.

Mantel passed his wisdom back to his peers back in the country, and since then, he has continued to spread the legacy.

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Who is Robin Sharma?

Robin Sharma is a Canadian author best known for his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Sharma worked as a case lawyer until the age of 25, when he self-published Megaliving, a book on stress management and spirituality.

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