97+ Best Blog Ideas-2022 and topics that will be popular.

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The best blog ideas -2022 and the topics that will be popular. A blog has evolved, into one of the most famous methods to create capital online. However, just because everyone is doing it does not mean that it is easy, especially for beginners. To be successful as a blogger, you must first know what the niches of the most profitable blog are.

You have the option of a list post, how-to guide, review post, case study post, and many more.

In this giant list post, I want to show you a bunch of blog ideas that you can test for yourself. Some of these blog ideas may be familiar to you, and others you may not.

And without further ado, let’s start with a complete list of the best blog ideas.

What are the best blog ideas-2022 and topics?

Here is my verified list of 97 best blog ideas that you can start experimenting with today

1. How-to guide.

The how-to guide is an informative post that is mostly instructional in nature. They guide the audience either to solve a problem or to achieve a specific goal with step-by-step instructions.

These posts are extremely popular because most internet users are curious about new things.

You can create a “how-to” exhibitor to satisfy the curiosity of the target audience, It also creates an opportunity to share your specific practical skills with a huge audience.

How-to guides can be found in the form of tutorials to provide a more personalized experience.

If you already have practical knowledge of this subject, creating content is undoubtedly easy because you are basically demonstrating the process from your own experience. It can also help new bloggers generate organic search traffic.

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Here are some tips for the best blog ideas-2022 and consider when creating a guide:

  • Use the phrases “strong” and “short” to express the authority of the subject.
  • Write in conversational and simple English so that everyone understands your content.
  • Break down your steps and subheadings in the correct order, and avoid using generic titles.
  • Use the bulleted list to make your guide easier to follow.
  • Write in short, active sentences.
  • Conduct keyword research to add relevant keywords.
  • Use graphics, screenshots, and videos to march the operation.

For example, take my guide on how to start the best blog ideas-2022.

The guide covers all aspects of building a blog step by step, from selecting a niche to publishing blog content on WordPress.


Be sure to give your readers an overview of the guide as well as use a table of contents. This allows them to jump directly to a certain step.

Other examples of how-to guides include:

  • How to make a pizza base from scratch?
  • And how to recognize your skin type?
  • How to back up your data on WordPress?

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2. Post list.

A list post or listicle is an online blog post that features many topics. Posts like these revolve around a list of points, and you can also call them numbered list posts. In fact, the post you are currently reading is a list post.

You can use numbered lists to engage multi-tasking audiences who are too busy reading the entire content.
This type of post makes it easy for readers through the title and can only get a general idea through the title.

List posts can also go viral and increase your organic searches Just research the numbers your competitors are providing and go beyond those numbers for your own posts

For example, if your competitors have listed “11 best cars for the family”, you can progress by listing 15 cars instead of 11.

Titles with numbers also have the potential to attract an audience and act as an underlying human psychological driver. That said, you still need worthy content to continue the reader captive until the end of the article.

The best blog ideas-2022 and some practical tips when writing a list post:

  • Arrange the lists logically.
  • Start with a mandatory role.
  • Back up your subtitles with enough information.
  • Use consistent H1-H4 headings and short paragraphs.
  • Create subdivisions for long list posts to make them scannable.
  • Write a dazzling and catchy title.

Since the list is very long, it has respective subsections so that bookmen can rapidly access the subjects they are interested in.


Other “list post” examples include:

  • Five styles to protect power at home.
  • Here are seven surefire ways to make your blog better.
  • Twenty-five Ways to Get Rid of Sun Tan Naturally.
  • Fifty-five Best Free Email Marketing Tools To Grow Your Customer.

How-To Guide And List Post, Only two types of posts you need if your goal is to make money.
As the how-to guides move step by step in chronological order to achieve an end goal, list posts list items or tips in a non-chronological order.

3. The best blog ideas-2022 and Round-up post.

The round-up post contains a list of resources collected from other bloggers’ content or various resources including various products, recipes, tips, etc. It can also be a round-up of tools, strategies, statistics, and much more.

You can use these posts to summarize the work of different people, usually experts in the selected niche.

Here is an example of a round-up post from Nichehacks:


Other examples of round-up posts might be:

  • Eleven SEO Hacks from Professional Bloggers.
  • Top Ten New Blogs of 2021
  • Fifty-one great blogs or online portals for submitting your guest posts.

Creating a round-up post requires a lot of research on your niche experts. However, they have many benefits such as helping you get backlinks, building relationships with influential people in your niche, and more.

Make sure to observe these suggestions to prepare your round-up posts:

  • Select donors who keep the set company in your niche.
  • Check the social activity of your contributors to find out if they are active on social platforms.
  • Give priority to quality over quantity.
  • Be sure to mention the original authors or contributors.
  • Contact the authors after writing your post.
  • Create a personalized promotional message.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and Final guidelines.

The Ultimate Guide is a multi-chapter guide that seeks to provide advanced information and guidance for viewers who cover a specific topic in detail. To create a good final guide, you need to do in-depth research and refer to various other blogs for data collection.

Opinions formed through research seem to be more authentic if supported by statistical data, screenshots, infographics, etc.

The Ultimate Guide can also help you rank in search engines for multiple keywords as you will cover many topics in one blog.

Start by choosing your topic, create a template for the exact sub-topics or chapters you include, and collect a guide to follow for inspiration. Also, use Google Analytics to conduct competitive research and add more sub-topics than your competitors.

Here are some tips to consider when writing the Ultimate Guide:

  • Strengthen the reason for reading their entire guide.
  • Avoid complex language and terminology.
  • Tell them what they can learn from the guide.
  • Link to a “Content Table” before starting with the guide.

5. The best blog ideas-2022 and Experimental post.

Experimental posts or personal stories are posts that help viewers connect with the author’s personal life. You can engage your audience with personal stories and create emotional attachments by sharing related stories, which will keep them engaged for a long time.

Great storytelling skills can come in handy for creating emotional, empirical posts. Personal stories can often normalize a reader’s problem or emotion, helping you build brand relationships.

For example, sharing your struggles to overcome a disorder can be a great way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Other examples could be professional struggles, happy memories of travel, enjoyable moments of attending a cultural event, and so on.

The key to telling a good personal story is to keep your readers at the edge of their seats. You have to make it mandatory, so they stick to the end of the story.

Depending on your story, you alone can attract traffic based on your title. For example, if you see a headline that says “How I Left My Cushy Job to Earn a Million Dollars a Year,” you might be interested in reading this further.

The best blog ideas-2022 and Follow these tips to write an experimental or personal post:

  • Try to express some kind of emotion to keep them engaged.
  • Start by sketching the problem you are sharing.
  • Specify a key takeaway point.
  • Outline a realistic scene by sharing images and specific items.

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6. Interview.

Another way to add truth to the content is through interviews. Interview-based posts require reaching out to industry experts and asking them multiple questions about topics that may be useful to your readers.

Interview posts provide additional information which also serves as credible evidence of the topics covered in the blog

Another advantage is that these are a great way to create marketing content that you don’t have time to write on your own.

Interviews often focus on personalized experiences, which can be inspiring for the target audience, such as empirical posts. For example, interviewing athletes to ask about their personal struggles or interviewing them to discuss the road to success for a successful blogger.

Here is an example of an excellent interview-based post: How this 32-year-old entrepreneur earns over $ 80k a month by blogging.


You can interview any of the industry experts from Timmet to add professional insights on niche issues.

The best way to reach out to experts is to send them a list of questions you want to ask. Social media can be another alternative to unanswered emails.

However, don’t forget that interview-based posts will be as interesting as the questions you ask. If you ask interesting questions, only you will find interesting answers which will result in an interesting post.

Avoid common questions that have already been asked until death.

For example, instead of asking something like “Have you initiated a business organization plan”—ask something like, “Take me step by step through the operation you applied to grow to where you are today. How did you get started?” What was the first step you took? “

Here are some other tips for creating interview-based posts:

  • Start your interview with a short talk.
  • Make sure the person you’re interviewing is aware of your audience.
  • Try scheduling and conducting live interviews.
  • Create a cheat sheet with content ideas. You should also outline where you want to be interviewed.
  • Start your interview post with the identity of the interviewer.

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7. The best blog ideas-2022 and Product review.

A product review is a blog post centered around a product that examines the product’s deeper advantages, functions, key features, and flaws. You can test and review any type of product based on your niche, including marketing tools, makeup products, books, etc.

Product reviews help listeners gather detailed information about the products they plan to buy or use.

So, be sure to keep in mind the information that is directly relevant to the reader’s decision-making process.

Here are someproduct reviews” examples:

Here are some “Product Reviews” instances:

  • Bluehost Reviews 2021: 11 Causes to Consider The Hype
  • Kajabi Review: Is The Course Constructor Worth The Price in 2021?

Ideally, you should review products as an independent author in order to present a neutral view of the product. Authors who review in-house products may come across as partial and lack credibility. Writing reviews after using the product is equally important.

Product reviews are also a great way to generate revenue, increase your readership and make money without running ads on your site.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and Follow these tips when writing product reviews:

  • Start with a product overview and explain how it works.
  • List the advantages and disadvantages of the product to make the review neutral.
  • Share your experience with the product.
  • Provide options.
  • Mention its price plan.
  • Tell readers if it’s user-friendly.
  • Provide a final judgment if applicable.
  • Provide social proof.
  • Discuss what kind of audience or industry the product is suitable for.

Finally, ask readers to rate or comment on the products they are using.

In addition, present information in a consistent flow and avoid reviewing outdated products to retain traffic. For example, reviewing the latest upgrades to a car model is always better than the one published a decade ago.

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8. The best blog ideas-2022 and Comparative post.

These posts are blog posts that allow readers to review two or more products simultaneously to determine which product is best for them. Comparative posts are also a great way to earn money through affiliate marketing.

Naturally, these posts demand in-depth research and analysis of the products you are reviewing. It is equally important to keep track of all the products in your industry to understand what is currently in demand.

These posts meet the needs of most listeners who already have a basic knowledge of the product. They are primarily looking for information that will influence their opinions and ultimately help them choose the best possible option.

The best blog ideas-2022 and Here are some examples of comparative posts:

  • General Liability vs. Professional Liability Insurance: A Comparison

An essential thing when writing a comparative post is to review products that perform the same function and have the same price bracket.

For example, analyzing an iPhone vs. a low-range Redmi phone doesn’t create much awareness. No, it will attract a lot of traffic. On the other hand, it would make more sense to compare a high-range iPhone with a high-range Samsung phone.

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Here are some other tips to follow when covering comparative posts:

  • List the features and attributes that you will compare in the article.
  • Specify product match and USP.
  • Give a judgment after comparing each feature.
  • Use screenshots and graphics to support your point.
  • Write a list of advantages and disadvantages of all the tools you are comparing
  • Make a comparing table to afford a fast overview.
  • Compare their price plans as well.
  • To create an organic search for a post you need to add keywords like vs, vs, comparisons, etc.

9. The best blog ideas-2022 and “Options” post.

Alternative posts are like list posts, where you list options for a specific product. People usually search for alternative posts when they want to move to a different product with the same function.

Just like list posts, these reviews are even more appealing if you add more options than your competitors. The basic difference between a list post and an alternative post is that you write based on other products.

Furthermore, subscribers are already familiar with that special type of creation. Now it’s your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Here are some examples of alternative posts:

  • 13 best zoom options (and how to use them).
  • Here are 5 Google Plus options for your local business.

Additionally, keep an eye on the negative news of some products as the alternatives gain popularity, in most cases when there is a tendency for product failure or side effects. For example, smoking.

10. The best blog ideas-2022 and The opposite perspective.

Opposite perspectives usually entail having a standout or controversial perspective on a subject. For example, if the idea is “How to start a blog”, the opposite post would be “Should you really start a blog?”

Such posts are more likely to go viral as they are a new alternative to other regular posts available people usually click on these posts out of curiosity, helping you get more comments, social shares, and backlinks.

Another reason why “conflicting posts” work so well is that controversial opinions make a strong impression Viewers may or may not agree with the topic, but they will click on the title.

In a previously mentioned New York Times study, content related to negative emotions and email campaigns went viral – in particular, anger.


The title of such an article also gives the reader an element of surprise, which ultimately grabs their attention.

Now that we’ve finished with what we believe to be the best blog ideas, let’s move on to something more that doesn’t need a full explanation.

The best blog ideas-2022 and The idea of ​​a busy or statistically based blog post.

  • Create surveys to understand your customers’ preferences
  • Suggest ways or means to make your email campaign more engaging. Create trending marketing, SEO, or sales strategy-sharing posts. You can encourage readers to share more ideas that you missed on the blog
  • Create case studies based on two different strategies and show them their respective results. Ask customers to choose two different strategies in the comments section.
  • Interview small business owners and cover their personal experiences that have helped them scale their business. Get valuations on all the current, top web series/marketing tools
  • Sharing marketing strategies through case studies of various popular brands. Create a round-up of examples of viral (UGC) user-generated content campaigns Run a contest for gifts and post about it on your blog.
  • Create an infographic of all the marketing-based statistics and create a blog post around it. Combine statistics from multiple posts and compile them to create a single post. Don’t forget to give credit where there are arrears.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and “Detailed insights” or blog posts based on secret tips.

  1. 1. Secret Tips To Be Different In Your Job Or Effective Tips For Being Different In SEO Race.

2. Share methods to study your competitors’ marketing strategies.

3. Discuss all the strategies and things that haven’t worked for your business. For example, the email marketing campaign failed.

4. Content Marketing Myth vs. Fact. You can also debunk common myths in your art.

5. Discuss marketing strategies that big brands don’t want customers or small businesses to know.

6. Make a list of ways to connect with your team or with leadership ideas that work for your company.

7. Research and list the advantages and disadvantages of joining your industry.

Blog posts based on trends or recent topics.

  1. 1. Share your detailed experience trying a new product, strategy, supplement, adventure sport, or much more.

2. Share new Fusion restaurants near your target location, or you can share the latest marketing courses for new marketers.

3. Share ideas for incorporating new strategies into your marketing process. Or, based on your niche, you can share ideas for starting a new diet.

4. A step-by-step process to showcase a new feature in a marketing or automation tool.

5. Investigate and compose a list of unpopular occupations that can assist you to create a decent passive income.

6. Research and post on the most aesthetically pleasing design templates that are currently trending.

7. Post a Q&A with an expert in your industry or write about upcoming bloggers/influencers in your industry.

The best blog ideas-2022 and Timely blog post.

  • Share the journey of your blog after you reach a certain milestone or when you reach a goal.
  • Share examples of social media posts or marketing campaigns that deserve your attention (or are worthy of imitation). Check out and review any viral products in your industry.
  • Share all the latest trends in the industry that might be interesting or helpful to your audience.
  • Write down the strengths and weaknesses of your blog after you hit a specific target.
  • Wish your audience a special holiday and share a post by sharing its history or importance

The best blog ideas-2022 and Educational Blog Post Ideas.

  1. Make a list of things you knew when you first started your blog or business

2. Share the skills you need to run a successful blog or business.

3. Review and curate a list of the most useful books that can educate your readers about your art.

4. Enter the meaning of the most used (or lesser-known) terms in your industry.

5. Make a list of marketing tools (or resources in your industry) that everyone should know.

6. Make a list of inspirational podcasts that can help one on a professional or mental health journey.

7. Write about the problems newcomers to your industry may face and how to deal with them.

8. Share what sets your blog apart from other marketing blogs.

9. Choose an important historical date based on your art and educate your audience about what happened that day.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and Research-based blog post ideas.

  1. Investigate and rector a list of the most helpful IT instruments for lead generation.

2. Research a list of unusual holidays or festivals to celebrate, such as National Popcorn Day.

3. Conduct a customer survey or research and talk about takeaway points and statistics.

4. Tell newcomers how to become an expert in your industry or how to acquire important industry skills.

5. Research and list underrated travel locations for weekend getaways near your target location.

6. Talk to the most inspiring influencers in your industry and share their success stories.

7. State how something acts based on your manufacture.

8. Explain how something works based on your industry. It can be anything including Bitcoin, smartphones, cars, smartwatches, e-commerce stores, Amazon FBA, etc.

9. Find the most effective social media platforms for product advertising and maximizing traffic.

10. Choose three experts in your industry who inspire you.

11. Create a post introducing them, why they inspire you, and how to replicate their success.

12. Make a list of the most stunning video ad campaigns of all time (and why they worked).

The best blog ideas-2022 and Funny blog post ideas.

  1. Write an open letter to a wide audience to draw attention to a cause close to your heart.

2. Make a list of unusual things for the holidays. Or the way of celebrating the festival in an unusual way.

3. Share the experience of creating a fun day at work for your team on Friday (or any workday).

4. Share all the adventures that a person can expect to enjoy in her career.

5. Share a list of the most exciting upcoming events awaiting you It can be any kind of event including a fashion show, sports event, marketing conference, etc.

6. Write about the most comfortable hobbies outside of work.

7. Advice on how to manage a fun weekend trip on a tight budget.

8. Habit five to ten words that best draw yourself (or your business, blog, or industry).

9. Share your story—what inspired you to do what you did and how you got to this point.

10. List the best places to take a short trek with friends and family.

11. Make a list of popular GIFs or memes that bloggers can include in their posts

12. Acquire and utilize the best jokes associated with your business.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and Lifestyle-based blog post ideas.

  1. Get a list of podcasts or books that assist you to unwind after an exhausting day/week.

2. Write down ways that can help balance post-coward work and social life.

3. Share a list of easy ways to make extra money or passive income while working from home You can include ways like affiliate marketing, network marketing, freelance writing, etc.

4. Give a brief glimpse into your workplace or office by registering on a blog.

5. Share the changes you need to make in your daily routine to be organized and successful in your industry.

6. Make a list of simple ways that can help you switch to a healthier, waste-free life.

7. Pick a good movie you’ve seen recently and tell your audience how you find it relevant or useful in your daily life.

8. Suggest healthy food alternatives to avoid unhealthy bilateral eating.

9. Write about the benefits of meditating for less than 10 minutes each morning.

10. Share what scares you the most and how you overcame your fears. There are some bookmen who can gain from a blog post like this.

11. Share things or habits that you plan to avoid in the coming months or years.

12. Share your business goals or objectives for the next five or ten years. Afford your audience a sensibility to how you design to accomplish those goals.

The best blog ideas-2022 and The subject of a blog post that can change your outlook.

  1. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? You can even associate this idea with your business or personal life.

2. Discuss the causes of monthly awareness and how one can make a difference.

3. Make a list of the charities that are working to support you

4. If you could go back in time, which event would you choose and why?

5. Share what makes you think so strongly about that event.

6. Write down what sets your company apart from your competitors.

7. Share the lessons you learned during the lockdown and how it made you a better person.

8. Make a list of ways that can help a person become more confident in their situation.

9. Share your most common family or business heritage.

The best blog ideas-2022 and Blogging concept based on Covid Guidance.

  1. Make a list of the things you need to travel while traveling.

2. Frame the dos and don’ts of going to public spaces during COVID-19.

3. Share a list of new products launched to sanitize everyday-use items.

4. Share ideas to give your friend a birthday present during an epidemic.

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The best blog ideas-2022 and Let’s finish.

There you have it, 97 ideas on the best blog topics to write this year.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo. Once you ask yourself some questions mentioned in the article, you will come up with more ideas of your own.

You can also modify these popular blog topics to suit a specific industry, niche, or audience type.

Let me know your favorite one below in the comments below!

Disclosure: If you decide to purchase a payment plan, I can get you approved compensation for some links below at no cost. You can read our authorized disclosures in our Privacy Policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

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