21+ Best Email Marketing Software, Services, and Platforms (2022)

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If you want to build a list of loyal customers, it is important to choose the right email marketing software. From transmitting personalized emails to employment tracking, the best email marketing software can assist you to meet your goals. So, In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 21+ best email marketing software, along with my top 5 selections, so that you can choose the best one for you.


Make sure your sender’s reputation is in tip-top shape when sending bulk emails with Campaigner.

Constant Contact

Grow your audience, send great emails, create social ads and sell online with our all-in-one digital marketing platform.


ActiveCampaign gives you email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools to create incredible customer experiences.


Create, personalize, and optimize your marketing emails without waiting for a designer or IT with HubSpot Email.


Thrive digitally with SendinBlue as it guides your business with the right marketing and sales tools through automation.

Want to jump straight to my top pick? My famous email marketing software is Campaigner and Active Campaign.

Email marketing software gives you the highest return on investment (ROI) across marketing channels – $ 38 for every $ 1 cost.

Also, there are 1.5 billion occupied Gmail users – all of whom could be likely customers

How do you get initiated with picking the right email marketing software?

The best email marketing services, software, and platforms have different price points and features.

As most of these tools are amazing so you just have to find the most suitable match for you.

Whether you’re transmitting cold emails or peeking for Gmail add-ons and wings to assist transmit more emails, there’s a tool for you.

This guide will help you:

  • Pick the best email marketing software established on your needs
  • Save the most money with this business tool.

Listen as you read: After our original and honest test, here’s a video with a preview of our top 3 email marketing platforms and their dashboards:

What is the best email marketing software?

Pick from the best email marketing software, analysis value, reliability, technical help, template design, ease of use, deliverability, automation, integration, and any other features you require.

The best email marketing software will permit you to smoothly design emails, share your list, personalize your messaging, and view analytics information. And most importantly they should hit users in the initial inbox.

Eventually, email marketing is about getting the proper notice to the right user at the right time.

Here are my choices for the best email marketing software and services to try this year:

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1. Campaigner – best email marketing service

The best overall email marketing software

Taken by me

If you are looking for the most pleasing overall email marketing software, Campaigner is a perfect alternative. With the ability to use multi-channel marketing to improve your sales and reach a wider audience, Campaigner lets you increase your revenue. By using a powerful suite of tools to reach your customers via email and SMS, you can be sure that you are always on top.

Best For




Annual Discount



30 Day Trial

Campaigner provides more than just email automation.

It helps you create a complete customer journey that is highly personalized, starting with the first interaction and continuing throughout the entire customer life cycle.

What sets campaigners apart is their ability to attract and capture more leads, convert their paying customers, and keep them engaged with your brand in the long run.

With an intuitive automation workflow builder and a wide range of features, the campaign is an excellent choice for businesses.

Key features:

  • Create a workflow that lets you automatically send highly personalized messages to your contacts.
  • With Automatic Responders, you can automatically turn a one-time visitor into a lifetime subscriber by sending a series of targeted and timely emails.
  • Liftoff triggered campaigns based on clear interactions (such as opening an email or clicking on a link) and duplicative campaigns transmitted on a regular agenda. Embrace SMS marketing to get to where your contacts are most likely.

User experience:

The capability to make emails using professional templates, or the ability to code your own from scratch, is something that sets the campaigner apart.

Email Builder is effortless to operate and offers a wide range of customization options, so you can create emails that perfectly reflect your brand.

A top menu makes it easy to navigate between different features, providing an intuitive user experience.


There are four pricing methods available in the campaigner:

Starter: $ 59 / month

Required: $ 179 / month

Advanced: $ 649 / month

There is also an eCommerce program, $79.95 / mo, which includes Shopify and Magento integration, unlimited contacts, and other eCommerce features.

What I like/dislike about the promoter:


  • One ton of functionality from email automation to SMS marketing has been incorporated into the campaigner.
  • I also like the variety of customization options for email templates that allow you to create emails that perfectly reflect your brand. The delivery rate is also comparatively higher than other products.


When designing an email you need to make some adjustments to get the exact look you want.

Product update:

  • With a new two-factor authentication (2FA) feature, Campaign makes it easier and more secure for customers to log in and manage their accounts.

Start with the campaigner.

2. ActiveCampaig – best email marketing service

Best for CRM ($9 / month)

Taken by me

If you want to drive your customer experience, ActiveCampaign is the way to go. From email list automation to top lead scoring systems, I suggest a totally active campaign for those who are serious about their email marketing.

Best for

Overall email marketing


$ 9 / month- $ 258 / month

Annual discount

 Yes – save 20%


Free 14-day trial

ActiveCampaign is another great email marketing software, where machine learning plays a key role.

With predictive actions, ActiveCampaign answers difficult questions about your customers so that action can be taken automatically for you and take them down the sales funnel.

ActiveCampaign also integrates with 850+ other apps such as Facebook, Shopify, WordPress, and more automating your list categories is intuitive, and you can create list triggers and move users based on dynamic email content, and sales follow-up, and more.

An email workflow is powerful and easy to manage.

All of this data syncs with their built-in CRM to deliver better lead scoring to sales teams.

Their lead scoring system is also flexible. If you’re not familiar with lead scoring, it’s a way to assign points to unique email subscribers based on the job you pick.

Then once they struck a point threshold, they can either join a new automation funnel or be exist by your deals team. 

Here are the steps:

  • First, you select your engagement metrics. It can be all the way from opening an email or clicking, downloading content, or requesting advice.
  • Next, you add your lead scoring rules and points based on these terms. These should be set based on the level of effort and tendency to change.
  • Maybe outstretching email costs two points, and a link click costs five points. Or the significance of non-open or unsubscribed step negative points. Once a customer reaches a pre-determined point threshold, the customer’s data deal flows into the CRM where they enter a new stage of automation:
best email marketing

This is a great system that big companies use to nurture email leads in the most personalized way possible.

Another strong selling topic is email delivery, ranking higher than all the other outlets on this list. Emails they transmit are less likely to be determined as spam, and Gmail and Outlook have the best chance of hitting the primary inbox.

For a direct comparison of these two platforms, you can check out my Constant Contact vs. Active Campaign review article.

Key features:

best email marketing

One-on-one training permits you to acquire the most out of ActiveCampaign and their team is always open to answer any questions you may have.

  • Free migration means you don’t have to worry about losing any data or starting from scratch.
  • Stunning Email Marketing lets you make good-looking newsletters and campaigns that engage your customers and encourage them to buy
  • Set up a welcome series to present new customers to your brand and dispatch messages to keep your customers corrected about the latest products and sales.
  • Site tracking allows you to see how people are interacting with your website, so you can create transformations to enhance your conversion rate.

User experience:

best email marketing

Once you sign up, a step-by-step automation builder lets you fast make your first marketing campaign.

Next, the reflexive interface creates it manageable to preserve track of your progress and complete the necessary modifications.

Also, the visual elements give you a clear overview of your progress and help you focus on the most important tasks.

best email marketing


best email marketing

Pricing is based on account properties and the size of your email list.

    Light: $ 9 / month

    Plus: $ 49 / month

    Professional: $ 149 / month

    Enterprise: Custom pricing

All programs come with a 14-day free trial.

What I like/dislike about ActiveCampaign:


  • The interface is intuitive, making it easy for newcomers to navigate.
  • Onboarding and support teams are great, providing helpful resources and guidance when needed.

In addition, managing campaigns is a breeze with ActiveCampaign.


  • Reporting and integration are sometimes challenging to understand and use.
  • Using tags can be confusing and challenging to keep track of.

Product update:

  • Advanced App Studio authentication log allows you to fast and efficiently see who has accessed your account.
  • Create your custom objects. Without any coding requirement, you can now create custom fields to store any required information.

Add a signature personalization tag to personal emails to make them unique and unique in the inbox.

Overall, ActiveCampaign is the best tool if you are looking for the best email marketing, CRM, and automation tools in one place.

Get started with ActiveCampaign.

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3. Constant Contact – best email marketing service

Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business ($20 / month)

Taken by me

I recommend Constant Communication as the preferred email marketing software for various small businesses. ConstantContact supplies all digital marketing mechanisms in one interface for email marketing, your list growth, social media, and automation. This provides an all-in-one solution for all small businesses.

Best for

Small business


$ 9.99 / month- $ 45 / month

Annual discount



Free 60-day trial

Constant Contact has been in the email marketing space since 1995, with the name Constant Contact returning in 2004.

In 2015, they evolved into the position of Endurance International Group, a powerhouse owned by other companies including Bluehost, HostGator, and Domain.com.

According to its website, the company’s ultimate goal is to help small businesses navigate the web’s commitment, power, and potential.

They feature 100+ modern, mobile-optimized templates to engage and convert customers, with real-time reporting and analysis and bonus features like coupons, polls, and events.

One of their most notable features is the capability to organize events and invite, register, and manage tickets:

Constant contact event registration feature

best email marketing

Email delivery is above average and above 90% of email service providers.

Key features:

best email marketing

Constant Contact Properties

Email Marketing: With constant communication, you can create beautiful email newsletters and campaigns to engage your customers and encourage them to buy.

List Growth: Constant contact list growth instruments create a manageable to increase your email list to reach more customers.

Social Media Posting: With Constant Contact, you can post on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to keep your customers updated about new products and sales.

Automation: Constant Contact’s automation features allow you to send welcome emails to new customers, follow customers who haven’t bought anything, and more.

A / B Testing: A / B testing permits you to test different versions of your email newsletter or campaign to visit which one serves better.

Landing Pages: The constant contact landing page lets you drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

User experience

best email marketing

Being a very visual platform, you can use a WYSIWYG (What You See So You Get) editor to easily customize your email templates.

You can experiment with many pre-built automation options to find the perfect fit for your business.

You can easily create your own landing website, blog, landing page, and email form all in one place.

best email marketing


best email marketing

Constant Contact is priced based on the number of your location email contacts.

Their payment plans start at 20 / month for 500 contacts.

Their drip campaigns are easy to use and intuitive.

You can create generic continuous, but not combine terms or use advanced filtering.

What I like/dislike about constant communication:


  • Technological marketing messages create it effortless to develop targeted campaigns to employ your customers and motivate them to purchase.
  • In addition, the ease of creating lists is a huge time-saver.
  • I also appreciate that Constant Contact offers professionally designed templates for those who want to create beautiful email newsletters but don’t have the time or design skills to do it themselves.


  • More choices for the report will be generous to assist understand email marketing performance.

Sometimes, changes to the content are not saved which can be frustrating.

Help to answer questions can be quick

Product update:

Reset your authentication reasons without the need to contact support so you can quickly get back to your account if you lose your phone or 2-factor authentication device.

You can export images from Canvas directly to the Constant Contact Image Library to quickly and easily add images to your email newsletter and campaign.

Lastly, if you are looking for special features like event management and want top-notch email delivery then constant communication is the choice for you.

They are my # 2 choice for email service providers this year.

You can start today and get a 10% discount on your first 12 months with my link.

4. Hubspot – best email marketing service

Most suitable Email Marketing Software For Marketers (Free – $ 50 / Month)

Taken by me

Are you looking for a combination of marketing energy that is easy to use? In that case, my preference would be Hubspot, as it supplies the right mix of both, allowing you to aid your customers with an outstanding understanding that will enable you to scale your business. With various hubs for sales, marketing, and operations, you will find all the instruments you require for your trade.

Best for

Email integration


$ 45 / month- $ 3200 / month

Annual discount

Yes – save 10%


Free 14-day trial

Hubspot is a considerable integrated dealing container on the market.

Using their email marketing software is one of the most comfortable ways to design, optimize and send emails that peek outstanding.

They present a ton of custom components and you can pick and plan and upgrade whether you are a small company or a large enterprise.

When creating an email, you either use one of their pre-created email templates or start from scratch.

These templates allow you to add text, images, buttons, separators, and all sorts of resources and layouts.

I discovered their email editor the most comfortable to use on the market.

It’s much faster and more user-friendly than the other mechanisms on this list:

Once you’re happy with your email design, preview it based on different recipients, devices, or email clients like Gmail, Apple Mail, and Office 365.

This tool is super useful. Depending on the end user’s email client, the subject line of the email, the preview text, and the content itself may look very different.

These previews create certain your emails glance outstanding in any inbox.

Personalization is another force with HubSpot. As a legal mechanism, you personalize content based on common merge tags, such as the recipient’s name.

HubSpot takes it one step further.

You can personalize content based on the user’s instrument, listing category, and geographic zone.

Also, you can check your subject line and content to make sure you can maximize your email open rates and click rates.

Then, when you’re ready to send and publish your emails, you can use their Smart Send functionality. This segment permits you to adapt your sending time to maximize engagement.

After transmitting your email, it’s time to view your metrics.

The HubSpot Analytics dashboard gives you data on your opens and clicks, as well as unique information about the amount of time you spend visiting your email.

One of the best reporting mechanisms to visit if customers read, skimmed, or glanced at your email to see how fascinating your email content is:

Hubspot Email Marketing Analytics Report

best email marketing

For example, you may notice that customers are paying attention to your email for a short period of time.

This data helps you know what kind of email content needs to be improved

Another advantage of HubSpot is that it consistently hits users’ inboxes.

They have a healthy 99% email delivery rate.

These significant numbers are due to the ability to thoroughly preview and check the correct domain verification settings and emails with DKIM and SPF records.

The main reason Hubspot is # 1 on my list is that their email marketing platform is an aspect of their product.

The real benefits come with their marketing hub starter package.

Key features:

best email marketing

This complete marketing platform includes email marketing and more to align your marketing and sales efforts:

  • Create beautiful emails without a designer or IT using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email creator.
  • Enlargement email arrangement with HubSpot’s built-in tools for A / B testing, email automation, and segmentation.
  • Schedule emails in advance to be sent at the perfect time for your audience

Protect your customers’ data using HubSpot’s GDPR-compliant form and opt-in.

HubSpot is my # 3 pick for the best email marketing software for a simple reason: it aligns your inbound and outbound marketing in the most effective way.

User experience:

best email marketing

Hubspot user experience

With solutions that combine all your marketing tools in one place, HubSpot provides a very streamlined experience.

The optical interface allows you smoothly glimpse your improvement and impacts for each campaign.

You can make business reports to achieve more understanding of your marketing implementation.

Also, you can investigate the healthiness of your marketing movement with built-in analytics mechanisms.

The platform also has help features so that you can get answers to your questions quickly

best email marketing

I recommend you acquire initiated for free, then upgrade to their Marketing Hub starter package for $45 / month.

What I like/dislike about Hubspot:

  • Workflow: You can easily automate your email marketing processes with Hubspot’s Workflow Tool. It is a huge time-saver and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business
  • Listing Efficiency: With Hubspot, you can fast and smoothly make a list of customers.
  • This is a great way to grow your email list and reach more customers
  • The support people are great: The support team at HubSpot is very responsive and helpful. They are always willing to answer any of your questions and help you solve any problem.


  • A bit more of a learning curve is not always clear on how to get more leadership work done
  • Onboarding training can be more straightforward and specific

Product update:

Custom Feedback Survey: You can now create custom feedback surveys to collect data from your customers. This is a great way to gather insights about your product or service and improve your customer experience.


HubSpot Earnings Features: You can now use HubSpot’s payment features to accept payments and donations straight through your website. It’s a great way to convert and increase income.

50+ new HubSpot-built data sync integration: HubSpot has added 50+ new data sync integrations, so you can easily connect your account to other software platforms. This is a fantastic method to streamline your workflow and preserve time.

5. Sandin Blue – best email marketing service

Most suitable Email Marketing Assistance with Budget Automation ($25 / month)

Taken by me

Whether you want to talk to your clients via email, SMS, or chat, SendinBlue lets you communicate in the best way possible. If you are interested in communicating with your list using multiple methods, I suggest you check out Sandin Blue.

Best for

Email automation


$ 0 / month- $ 65 / month

Annual discount



Join for free

best email marketing

Sendinblue is an easy-to-use email marketing service with a complimentary strategy that permits endless contact and dispatches 300 email newsletters per day.

If you are serious about expanding your list, you can use their Light Plan which starts from $ 20 / month and allows sending up to 40,000 per month and there is no daily sending limit.

All of their unrestricted outlets are created with ease of use.

Its simplicity allows you to easily create clean-showing templates, automatic welcome emails, and website opt-in forms.

They present live chat and CRM on their unrestricted procedure, which includes an automation workflow for 2,000 contacts.

Sendinblue to increase engagement using machine learning and AI to send emails at the best of times.

You can also view real-time statistics along with required reports that provide metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, delivery, and hit map.

One of their most useful characteristics is their email automation workflow.

These allow you to set triggers and keep your customers through custom workflows based on actions taken on your website and funnel:

best email marketing

These automated triggers make tasks such as sending email and SMS messages, sharing your contacts in independent lists, and updating their news in your database.

Key features:

best email marketing

Sandenblu features

SMS marketing means you can now send text messages to your contacts in addition to email It’s a great way to reach more people and get more engaged.

It’s a great way to reach more people and get more engaged.

Chat lets you communicate with your contacts in real-time. This is a great way to build strong relationships with your customers.

Transaction email helps you keep track of your transactions and follow up with your contacts. This is a great way to increase sales and conversions.

Get even busier by launching Facebook ads directly from Sandin Blue.

This is a great way to acquire more people and get better leads.

User experience:

best email marketing

SendenBlue user experience

With a walkthrough to assist you to acquire started, Sandin Blue creates it easy to complete your first marketing campaign.

A reflexive interface creates it effortless to preserve track of your progress and make modifications as needed.

You can also allow the platform to uncover the best time to transmit emails to your recipients based on their previous most suitable engagement time.

SendenBlue user experience


best email marketing

If you want advanced email marketing automation software on a budget, you can start with their প্ল 25 / month lite plan.

What I like/dislike about Sandin Blue:


  • It’s uncomplicated to integrate this outlet into any third-party service.
  • You can promote email marketing in minutes.


  • Sometimes, not getting the right search, which can be frustrating.
  • The released proposal may mean insufficient to test and explore all the features of the platform.

6. Moosend – best email marketing service

Excellent All-in-One Email Marketing Automation Tool (Free – $8 + / month based on list size)

best email marketing

Moosend is an email automation tool that helps you create your email list, personalize your messages, and automate tasks so you can focus on customer relationships.

Their campaign creator has their intuitive drag-and-drop email template.

This tool allows you images, text blocks, social icons, and better to your email.

They have a gigantic library of email templates with different layouts that are responsive and look fantastic on desktop or mobile.

Key features:

best email marketing

Moosend properties

The zone where Moosend stands is the industrialization characteristic.

Using their “recipe” (pre-built automation template), you can automate messages through upselling, customer engagement, and customer loyalty.

Each automation has three major parts: trigger, control action, and action.

When you merge the three, you can filter out parts of the email list and send sequences when your specific actions occur.

Some other key Moosend features include:

Landing Page Builder Tools: Create custom web pages to increase conversions with email sign-up forms.

Automation Workflow: These templates let you personalize your emails and easily nurture customer associations.

Custom Opt-in Forms: You can design and create custom forms to allow visitors to subscribe to your email list.

List Segmentation: Share your checklist based on customer behavior such as concentration metrics, discarded cart emails, and better.

Reporting tools: Their analytics tools provide a bird’s eye view of all your important email metrics.

Customer Support: Each paid plan supplies phone support. Custom Enterprise Plans all deliver support through an account executive and email, phone, and live chat. They have video tutorials and a vast knowledge base to answer your questions.

User experience:

best email marketing

There are a number of actions and terms you can use to trigger your emails that make it easy to create highly sophisticated marketing automation campaigns.

You can manipulate the pictorial interface to glimpse your progress and outcomes for individual campaigns.

Also, you can define many settings that help you fine-tune your campaigns for better results.


best email marketing

Moosend is priced based on the number of members in your email list.

They offer a free plan for less than 1,000 customers and include the ability to sign-up forms, report, and send unlimited emails.

Moosend payment plans start at $ 9 per month and the number of subscribers increases.

Each paid plan comes with transactional email, page builder, and access to SMTP servers.

Their enterprise plan provides migration and onboarding support and security assurance markup language (SAML).

What I like/dislike about Mosend:


  • The user-friendly interface and dashboard are extremely reflexive.
  • Movement reporting and implementation monitoring are also practical when optimizing your campaign.


  • Importing a CSV file is a bit difficult to understand and follow.

The Moosend Landing Page Builder interface used at first can be confusing.

Product update:

  • You will now see the latest steps on your site
  • Filter and sort automation by name, list, or date, allowing you to easily find the automation you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for advanced email automation tools, try Moosend.

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7. Mailerlight – best email marketing service

Optimal easy to use and 24/7 support (free – $ 10 / month)

More than 600,000 customers worldwide use Mailerlite.

They have flexibly tiered based on the size of your contact checklist.

They are nicely known for their simple user interface, responsive email structure, and excellent 24/7 phone support and email support.

If you have less than 1,000 email subscribers, you can begin with a free plan forever.

best email marketing

This complimentary plan has restricted features and allows you to transmit up to 12,000 emails per month

Upgrading to their $ 10 / month plan gives you access to all the features that help your email marketing strategy, including a landing page builder, embedded forms, and pop-ups.

With Mailelight, you can track your email marketing results with a one-click map and open through a location report.

  • Live 24/7 customer support via chat and email
  • A powerful and easy-to-use landing page builder
  • eCommerce integration with top platforms

Email survey

Template Gallery

  • Amazing email delivery


best email marketing

With a free plan for up to 1000 customers, Mailerlite’s pricing plan offers something for everyone.

Overall, if you are looking for flexible prices, want excellent deliverables and still don’t have a big list, try Mailerlite.

8. GetResponse – best email marketing service

Best Automatic Sales Funnel and Landing Page Features (12.3 / month)

best email marketing

GetResponse is a comprehensive online marketing outlet for developing your business.

They present email marketing campaigns, high-conversion landing pages, and webinar software to assist with your marketing actions.

The real standout here is Autofanel – a tool with 30+ readymade landing pages, email templates, and sales creation sequences. And you can choose your ultimate goal.

Whether you want to run lead generation, product sales, or webinar registration, the auto funnel is the answer.

These are optimized to nurture your email list and maximize your funnel conversion rate:

GetResponse Autofunnel tool

best email marketing

On the downside, some of their 500 templates look a bit outdated and have a medium-of-the-pack availability compared to others on this list.

However, one of the biggest strengths of GetResponse is its smart automation tool.

Using these features, you create multiple advanced conditions to automatically share your lists.

Their drag-and-drop creators are also very intuitive and turn high-quality email designs into the air.

Overall, GetResponse is one of the best email marketing tools for creating automated sales funnels and landing pages.

best email marketing

With a free plan for 500 contacts, you can check if this solution is right for you

This is followed by Basic Plan $ 15.58 per month, Plus $ 48.8 per month, and the Professional $ 97.58 per month.

You also save between 18 and 30% with an annual plan.

9. Pabbly Email Marketing – best email marketing service

Excellent inbox delivery and independent SMTP service ($ 24 / month)

Pabbly is an online outlet that presents a full-service suite of trade mechanisms for online form building, email marketing, subscription billing, and email list cleaning.

Also, it provides a complete business management bundle of all these tools at a low cost called Pabbly Plus.

Public’s email marketing services do not limit you to features like marketing automation, list management, autoresponder email, customer segmentation, and more.

Whether it is a paid or complimentary method.

You can easily integrate built-in or 50+ external SMTPs and send emails at no extra charge.

best email marketing

With Pabbly Email Marketing, you can increase your email marketing performance by running campaigns and sending bulk emails to all your potential users with just one click.

Whether it is a paid or free plan.

You can easily integrate built-in or 50+ external SMTPs and send emails at no extra charge.

So, it handles bounce and spam complaints about all famous SMTP services such as Amazon SES, MailGun, Mandrill, SendGrid, etc.

Some other important features include:

  • Some of the highlights of Pabbly Email Marketing include:

A user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor

500+ email templates that accept all kinds of customizations

Collect lead and business-related information through its membership form

Connect multiple SMTP to route email through multiple vendors

Improve opening rates by removing invalid emails from your list with MX Cleaner

Send a computerized follow-up email to non-open

Operate automatic responders and interact with users without any manual action

Send emails to a pre-scheduled schedule to automatically engage customers

Its email platform has a 99% delivery rate and is a great option if you are looking for a service to clean your list regularly and keep your database up to date.

Pabbly Email Marketing is priced based on your subscriber numbers


best email marketing

Start with Pabbly Email Marketing.

10. Convertkit – best email marketing service

Great Email Marketing Software for Bloggers ($ 9 / month)

best email marketing

Convertkit is built by manufacturers, for manufacturers.

They understand the needs of their clients and know what they need to follow online.

They take pride in engaging forms, increase conversion rates with automated emails, and organize your customers to maximize engagement.

Bloggers who want to send personalized, text-based emails look like their designs are coming directly from Gmail.

In addition, they offer quite advanced email sequences based on both site action and action within the email.

Their advanced triggers make for some excellent list-splitting options:

best email marketing

ConvertKit is a powerful pick for several main reasons:

  • You can operate developed partitions based on different actions to personalize your email funnel.
  • Your text emails look professional and do not have annoying email branding.
  • The best emails for your blog will be strictly readable. Feel free to add fancy design features, your logo, or a bunch of images.
  • In the end, it’s an excellent platform for lead funnels.
  • For example, if a sales professional tries to close a big deal, they will close it via a phone call or a simple text-based email.
  • They will not operate an image-heavy marketing email full of business branding.
  • See my Convertkit vs. Mailchimp review for more information.


best email marketing

With a free plan for up to 300 customers, their payment plans start at $9 / month. This makes it a great option for bloggers concentrated on developing high-conversion sales funnels.

Get started with ConvertKit – my best option for bloggers.

11. Omniscient – best email marketing service

Best Omnichannel Email Marketing Services for eCommerce ($ 16 / month)

Omnisend takes email marketing one step further by integrating email marketing across social media platforms, text, push notifications, Whatsapp, and much more.

More than 70,000 marketers use their email marketing software in 130+ countries.

best email marketing

For e-commerce brands, Omnisend can send more relevant messages to visitors across platforms and devices.

They accomplish this by deal website browsing behavior and user device preferences based on any custom events you make.

For example, you can track user activity on your website and then more effectively share messages between welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and post-purchase automation series.

And they are integrated with all the top eCommerce platforms.

Whether you’re operating BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or other e-commerce software, you can hook up Omnisend to move more sales.

With their $16 per month standard plan, you can send 6,000 emails/month and gain access to their automation features.

These contain interactive signup forms and email elements, SMS marketing, and notifications and product recommendations.

This feature set is great for e-commerce conversion rates because users will accept messages based on the outcomes they interact with on your site.

Omnisend is one of the best options for omnichannel brands who desire to effectively market (and re-market) their audience.

best email marketing

You can start with their free plan and their payment plan starts from 16 / month.

12. Gist – best email marketing service

Best All-in-One Marketing Software (Free – $ 29 / Month)

The essence is marketing automation, live chat, and email software that provides a complete 360-degree view of your business.

best email marketing

Gist has advanced tools like event tracking for people to see what people do on your website, as well as a knowledge base for automated customer support.

Where Gist really excels is through its chatbot features.

Their GistBot pre-qualifies 24/7 lead and book meetings for your sales team – all in a stylish feeling and in any language.

You appoint conversations to different members of your team, send personal notes, and organize your conversations with an easy open/closed mode.

Additionally, their automation tools allow you to create visual workflows to engage and convert customers.

You create actions and tags to understand customer behavior, share with your audience, and use timing variables to send the right message at the right time.

Overall, with advanced live chat, event management, and marketing automation, Gist is a great marketing solution for businesses looking to increase leads for their sales team.


best email marketing

You can get started for free by including 2 support seats

13. Automizy – best email marketing service

Email marketing tools that improve open rates by 34% (29 / month)

best email marketing

Automizy is an email marketing outlet designed to increase your exposure rate, with all the tools you need to make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox.

Automizy provides a set of essential email marketing features that include sending promotions, creating automation, creating forms, and managing your contacts.

You get everything you need to reach your email marketing goals, all in one intuitive interface.

When using Automizy, you’ll find proven email marketing practices to assist you to improve your opening rate through built-in best practices, make email automation, automatically resubmit campaigns to non-openers, and save time with email templates and automation blueprints.

To maximize your email opening rate, Automizy provides an email subject line checker so you can get scores for your subject line before sending them.

This feature helps to predict subject line performance based on more than 1 million campaign data.

Finally, you can check the automatic emails AB. Write 4 subject line interpretations and let us optimize AI.


best email marketing

Get started with $29 / month and you get access to all the features, including a user-friendly email workflow builder to map your best-converted email sales funnel.

14. AWeber – best email marketing service

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Business with Supportive Support (Free – $16.15 / month)

best email marketing

More than 100,000 email marketers use AWeber with features suitable for small businesses.

With high-quality email and phone support, as well as helpful articles and videos, you can get quick answers and focus on growing your business.

Like other tools on this list, they offer drag-and-drop email creators, list management tools, and analytics reports.

With AWeber List Management, you can import an email list and make a database from common file types such as XLS, XLSX, TXT, CSV, and TSV.

Creates it a manageable to handle your lists with any rules you create automatically.

Additionally, with their marketing automation tools, you can create an auto-responder workflow based on activities such as email openings, link clicks, site visits, and purchases.

One selling point is their 700 design templates – it compares 500 with GetResponse and only 80 with MailChimp.

Some of their templates look old, but some are great to look at and remind me of high-quality Instagram ads.

They have also revealed the ability to use web fonts in addition to standard fonts.

Overall, with a sheer amount of template design, support team, and knowledge base, AWeber is an excellent choice for small business owners.

best email marketing

You can start with AWeber’s free plan, which gives you access to almost all of its features, including unlimited landing pages, sign-up forms, automated email campaigns, hundreds of powerful integrations, and award-winning 24/7 customer support. AWeber’s Pro plan starts at $ 19 / month and is based on the number of subscribers on your list.

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15. Campaign Monitor – best email marketing service

People-first company with 99% customer satisfaction (9 / month)

best email marketing

Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004 and is an excellent ubiquitous email marketing platform.

There is no exact or unique feature that sets them apart. However, there is something to be said for making everything better.

With a 99% customer satisfaction rate and a Giving Back program, they are a global company with man-first standards.

Campaign Monitor staff spend thousands of volunteer hours each year.

They deliver groceries to local food banks, collect garbage from local parks and beaches, and supply at-risk youth groups.

Their attractive email template designs are similarly unprofitable and suitable for business. Also, its customer service and people-first approach help them differ from the pack.

First, their email maker gives users complete customization of their design for individual web fonts and color choices.

If brand values ​​are essential to your business, you can lock sections of email with their premiere plan. This extra security helps keep your brand consistent.

A bonus is the ability to add videos to your email from YouTube or Vimeo.

Next, their automation suite is comparable to other platforms based on triggers and email actions.

Data segmentation with Campaign Monitor is also a winner, as you can exclude multiple segments and create improved rules before sending them.

They maintain over 250 pre-built integrations to link with 3rd party apps like Salesforce, Magento, and WordPress.


best email marketing

Finally, the price is slightly higher than the other tools on this list. Their basic plan is $ 9 / month and lets you send 2,500 emails.

Once you reach this limit, I recommend them their Unlimited plan for $ 29 / month.

Pay attention to the size of your list – quickly determine the price based on the size of your list.

For example, with a list of over 25,000 subscribers, the Basic plan costs 299, and the Unlimited plan costs 699.

Basically, if quick support and well-designed templates are your top priority, then campaign monitors are worth a try.

You can begin with a totally free account to try their features.

16. Mailchimp – best email marketing service

One of the biggest names in email marketing (free – $ 14.99 / month)

MailChimp is one of the biggest names in email marketing, with more than 1 billion emails sent daily to their platform by 2017 and more than 14 million subscribers.

best email marketing

Their free plan gives users a user-friendly interface and sends 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month – enough if you’re a small business.

Their free plan includes autoresponder, transactional email, analysis, and lots of third-party integration.

There is also a complimentary Mailchimp app for iPhone and Android.

They charge based on the size of your email list, so if you exceed the 2,000 limits, you’ll join their 2,000-2,500 plan for 30 / months.

Overall, with over 17 million users a few years ago, MailChimp may be the most well-known free email marketing service on the market.

However, they are at the bottom of my list because everyone uses them, but there are many more good options that can create more customized emails.

And to go deeper, check out the full review of Constant Contact vs. MailChimp and my final guide to the 21 best MailChimp options to try this year.

Overall, with over 17 million users a few years ago, MailChimp may be the most well-known free email marketing service on the market.

However, they are at the bottom of my list because everyone uses them, but there are many more good options that can create more customized emails.

And to go deeper, check out my full review of Constant Contact vs. MailChimp and my ultimate guide to the 21 best MailChimp options to try this year. You can also see this great comparison between Mailchimp vs. SendGrid.

best email marketing

If your requirements are basic and you like one of the more basic options, try MailChimp.

17. Mailigen – best email marketing service

Best for integration

best email marketing

Mailigen is a cloud-based email transaction answer that caters to small and medium-sized businesses across the industry, including e-commerce, advertising, banking, media, and more.

best email marketing

Key features include email list splitting, email automation, campaign analysis, sign-up form builder, pre-created templates, and online surveys.

In multiplication, users gain entry to online survey integration and text messaging capabilities.

Mailigen lets users drag text boxes, images, and other elements to create an excellent marketing email.

The answer provides users with design mechanisms and configurable templates as well as email techniques that assist users to make and manage their campaigns.

With nine different content blocks, you can smoothly configure emails, and even add dynamic content with a statement if:

Another strong feature is its functionality with open API.

Mailigen offers integration with the biggest plugins like Japier and WordPress.

In addition, they integrate with e-commerce platforms and social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Prices are tiered and scaled based on the number of subscribers to your email.

For short lists with up to 500 subscribers, it is $ 10 / month.

If you maintain 2,500 subscribers, you pay 25 / month and that goes up to $ 400 / month for 100,000 subscribers.

Whether you have more than 150,000 on your list they offer customized high-volume pricing.

best email marketing

When you’re looking for a powerful email marketing service that integrates with lots of apps and has an open API, you can start today with a 30-day free trial.

18. Benchmark – best email marketing service

Best Drag-and-Drop Email Templates ($13 / month)

Benchmark is a manageable-to-use, full-featured email trade software.

Key features possess an intuitive email builder, advanced automation campaigns, and mechanisms like surveys, polls, and opt-in pop-ups to increase your list.

best email marketing

First, you can add email sign-up forms and pop-ups for users to join your list.

When they join, you can use triggers to add them to the automated email workflow, such as Welcome Series, Post-Purchase Series, Abandoned Cart Email, and more.

Once users are on your list, you can nurture them with salesforce surveys, polls, and exceptionally designed emails (on all devices) to make their faithful followership.

Benchmark A / B also features analytical tools such as test subject lines, content, and delivery times.

Also, they feature a generous inbox checker to preview what your email examines taste on all email outlets.

Eventually, they are integrated with 300+ other services. Links have a WordPress plugin, Facebook sign-up form, Google Docs, Zendesk, PayPal, and numerous other SaaS platforms to develop your email functionality.

best email marketing

You can check the free drive benchmark and upgrade to their premium plans starting at 10.50 per month.

19. SendPulse – best email marketing service

Best Omnichannel Email Marketing Software (Free – $6.40 / Month)

best email marketing

SendPulse is a relatively new free email provider that was founded in 2015 and has some excellent recent reviews from new and advanced users.

Their free mail plan is quite generous and allows 2,500 subscribers and up to 15,000 email lists per month.

best email marketing
best email marketing

If you like to upgrade to a premium program and extract the limit, plans start at $ 6.40 (billed annually).

Although complimentary programs present higher limits on email sending, some users have noticed slower performance and limited template alternatives.

However, advanced features like SMS workflow and push notifications on multiple devices make for any performance issues:

Also, when you sign up for a SendPulse account, you can get started for free, or get a 50 discount when upgrading via my link below.

20. Moonmail – best email marketing service

All-in-One Cloud-Based Email Marketing (Free – $44 / Month)

best email marketing

MoonMail is a cloud-based email marketing mechanism that functions with Amazon AWS.

These are a wonderful all-channel choice and can transmit messages via email, voice, SMS, WhatsApp, plus Facebook Messenger and chatbot.

This form of event-based transmission is fantastic for marketers to expand their messaging beyond just email.

Like other mechanisms on this checklist, they have a drag-and-drop editor and template.

A bonus is their interactive email headers.

With HTML and CSS, you can adjust features like menus, hover color shifts, discoloration, opacity changes, and much more.

Also, they provide excellent customer support and a strong knowledge base to help with common questions:

best email marketing

Moonmail’s free plans are quite limited. It offers you up to 2,000 recipients and transmits one campaign per day, but you can only mail 10 recipients per campaign.

However, a big selling point is that they only allow users to pay for emails sent based on the number of members in your list.

Their available API allows you to mail messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other chatbots.

They also have a born Shopify app that assists e-commerce merchants to transmit autoresponder and discarded cart emails to potential customers.

For marketers and small businesses who like to transmit more dynamic and interactive emails and operate the API to develop their space, MoonMail is the right option.


best email marketing

Your best bet is to take advantage of their $ 44 / month light plan.

This technique permits you to store unlimited contacts in your email list and send up to 50,000 emails per month.

It supplies automatic email bounce management, spam reporting, subordination hunt, automation, and premium help.

21. Ontraport – best email marketing service

Best Full-Lifecycle CRM for Email ($79 / month)

best email marketing

When you think of email marketing, the name Untraport may not immediately come to mind.

However, they have been in business for 13+ years, have more than 100 employees, and earn more than M 10MM per year.

They are foremost known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mechanism and second as email vending outlets.

Its main feature is its Campaign Builder, which is visual marketing automation and lives reporting platform.

best email marketing

With this tool, you can create enhanced sequences and collaborate with other users in real-time:

Ontraport has a powerful block-based editor with lots of helpful contextual help and hovers buttons to help you deal with any issues you may encounter while creating campaigns.


best email marketing

Ontraport price

One downside is that their basic paid plan starts at $ 79 / month and only allows 1,000 contacts, which is not scalable.

For example, once your email checklist increases from 1,000 to 2,500 subscribers, the monthly price almost doubles to $ 147 / month.

Ultimately, this tool is best for sales-driven companies in the high-end B2B or B2C industry – companies that focus more on automation and sales flow than sending bulk emails to large lists.

You can create unrestricted Ontraport for 14 days without the requirement for a credit card.

22. Mailjet – best email marketing service

Good for big lists (free – $ 15 / month)

Mailjet is an email transaction assistance that began in 2010 and is based in Paris.

With an interesting name like Mailjet, you can expect lightning-fast email services – and they offer a certain amount of it.

With their free plan, you can send 6,000 emails per month or get 200 email addresses per day for unlimited contacts.

If you maintain a comprehensive checklist, these features work but send a few total emails per day.

best email marketing


To remove the sending limit, gain access to 24/7 support and send 15,000 emails per month, you can opt for them at a cost of $ 15 / month.

With an easy and intuitive user-friendly interface and no caps on checklist heights, Mailjet is a wonderful device for extensive lists.

What is Email Marketing?

A common definition of email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services.

Even better, email marketing is a way to use email to build and develop relationships with your email customers to accomplish an end goal like a sale.

Email marketing is the only form of digital marketing that includes things like search engine marketing, social media, SEO, blogging, and more.

Before email, direct mail was a way to reach customers in their mailbox.

Email marketing carries users online by transmitting messages electronically to their email inbox.

Unlike direct mail, for email, a user requires to opt-in to your email checklist to welcome your messages.

How Do You Select The Finest Email Marketing Software? [Infographic]

best email marketing
best email marketing
best email marketing
best email marketing

How Does Email Marketing Software Work?

Email marketing software (or e-mail marketing) is using bulk marketing email platforms to list your customers.

This technique lets you to better achieve new customers, improve relationships, and encourage customer loyalty.

With email marketing campaigns, you can obtain your visitors right where they are without having to pay for costly promotion space on Google or Facebook.

The best email marketing software works using some of these essential features:

1. Automation.

Capability to transmit email sequences when a user joins your mailing list or completes a motion on your website.

This may include making a purchase or leaving their shopping cart.

2. Custom email template.

Drag-and-drop email campaigns take coding requirements beyond email marketing so you can focus on adding content and images to your email.

3. Dynamic content.

You can use the merge tag in your email to dynamically change and customize for each member of your email list.

4. List splitting.

The busier you are with your email list, the more data you will collect, including open rates, interest, purchase history, and more.

5. Analytics Dashboard.

E, including open rates, click-through rates, purchases, and more.

6. Advanced features.

Look for other great features to add to your campaigns, like polls, contests, coupons, and events.

What are the benefits of email marketing platforms?

Email marketing is very meaningful because it is one of the best ways to make a loyal following, generate revenue, and discover users where they hang out – in their inbox.

When a user opt-in to your email list, they show interest in your business and are ready to receive your messages.

Since 74% of buyers identify word of mouth as influencing their purchasing decision, email is a natural extension of their ability to collect and share important information.

Besides, if you’re on sale, email is the third most influential source of information for B2B audiences, following only personal workplace links and recommendations from enterprise thought leaders.

By picking the most promising email service, you can transmit messages on a cost-effective scale, talk to warm leads without cold email outreach, and pay no costs beyond your monthly subscription.

Here are more advantages of using email marketing benefits:

Email marketing is cost-effective and has a proven ROI (every dollar spent can generate 44 return on investment)

Ease of usage and pre-designed email designers create stunning and mobile-friendly emails as a breeze

An email is a form of multi-channel marketing that builds customer loyalty and brand awareness.

You reach your customers right where they are – in their inbox

Email allows marketers to reach their audiences with relevant, personalized, dynamic messages – 74% of marketers say personalization increases customer engagement.

Automated emails such as discarded cart emails, welcome emails, and post-purchase emails allow you to generate more revenue with less effort or time

Email marketing options are endless and you can easily find tools to use whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.

What are some email marketing best practices?

Email marketing is not as easy as writing a message and sending it to a list of contacts.

There are plenty of email marketing best practices to follow and to hit the benchmarks of the email marketing industry.

Here are some top email marketing best practices to be successful this year:

1. Don’t use purchased email lists.

Email marketing is so compelling because people like to contend with your business and welcome your message.

Buying email lists takes away this trust by spamming their inbox which they don’t want.

And the punishment for disobeying these rules is severe.

According to Keep (formerly Infusionsoft), you can be fined up to $ 16,000 for incorrect emailing under the CAN-SPAM Act.

This means that hitting the spam folder will be the least of your worries.

The health of your email campaign relies on a healthy open rate.

If you interact with a purchase list, you are bound to have extremely low open rates, spam complaints, and even blacklisting.

With the recent General Data Protection Guarantee (GDPR) rollout, it repeats – never buy an email list.

You need to clean your email list regularly to make sure your contacts are up to date.

2. Personalize the content with merge tags.

An email with the title “Dear {the first name” is much more private than “Dear Member”.

Any part of the data collected from your email subscribers should be used to personalize the content they receive.

If the object matches in a column in a CSV file next to their email address, a merge tag fire may happen.

A merge tag is a part of ESP-specific code that lets you put unique pieces of user data from your email checklist into your email.

First and last names are the most popular merge tags in an email marketing settlement.

Also, you can use other cards like company name, date of the previous visit, number of open emails, purchase of products, or information from a survey.

Using merge tags in your initial greetings is a great place to make your email more personal.

3. Write catchy subject lines.

The subject lines of emails should be concise, compelling, and provide a sense of urgency when providing adequate information so that users know what they are opening.

Confusing words? Don’t worry – it’s not.

Subject lines should be between 30 and 50 characters long (many email providers cut out longer subject lines).

They should cut down on din and lure users to operate.

Using numbers and symbols, well-thought-out emojis and exciting offers and discounts will increase your opening rate.

4. Use a welcome email series for new customers.

Email automation is a powerful tool that is often used in a series of emails to welcome new customers to the list.

These free auto-responders send emails automatically when new users opt-in to your list.

You can schedule these emails so that your customers receive them on the first day, three days, the fifth day, and even ten days.

Only you know the exact cadence for these emails based on your business goals.

For example, an e-commerce website may offer a 10% discount on the first welcome email.

For Emails 2 and 3, they can exhibit more of their brand stories, product catalogs, and social media accounts.

A welcome email series is wonderful because it runs autopilot, counts to your checklist, and nurtures possibilities among customers.

5. Format your email correctly.

Emails should be between 500 and 600 pixels wide – any width and users can scroll horizontally to their mobile device.

Do not email “no-reply” to your “from” email address like noreply@adamenfroy.com.

Make it a name that your customers will recognize immediately

Fold your main marketing message and call to action (CTA) so that most of your users can see it now.

In your email content and imagery, stick to three or fewer fonts and make sure the design matches the look and feel of your brand.

Finally, place your logo at the top of the email so customers can recognize your brand at first glance.

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Email Marketing FAQ.

What are the types of email marketing?

You can send three major classes of email to your list:

1. Newsletter and marketing email. These are emails that are sent to your list once and provide up-to-date content, news, and offers.

2. Transactional emails. These emails are used in eCommerce and can be things like order confirmation emails, receipts, invoices, and shipping confirmation emails.

3. Behavioral email. These are emails that are triggered based on customer activity, such as welcome emails, upsell / cross-cell emails, post-purchase review emails, re-appointment emails, or free trial emails when a user joins your list.

Can I do free email marketing?

To begin email marketing, you require to mind these measures:

1. Choose an email service provider from this list and sign up

2. Gather contacts via the opt-in form to expand your email list

3. Create your primary email template.

4. Create your welcome email series.

5. Use one of the best grammar testers to make sure your content is flawless

6. Review your subject line A / B to enhance the available rate.

7. Preview your email on the platform so that it displays across all gadgets.

8. Schedule and send your email at the best time.

9. Review your email analytics to improve your engagement

When is the best time to send an email?

The time you send your email depends on your customer data and your personal business type.

For illustration, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest, where more people can unlock, read, and connect on your email. Also, 8 am and 4 pm can be the best times of the day to send email messages.

How do you optimize email campaigns?

To optimize your emails and enhance arrangement, you need to conduct A / B split testing and view analytics reports to enhance your numbers.

You should continuously try one variable at a time to understand how your data responds. For example, you can conduct a test during the day, the subject line of the email, the subscriber section, the content of the email, the imagery used, and the call-to-action.

Once you’ve made an estimate of what you need to check, look at your reports and see how the changes affect your opening rate, clickthrough rate, unsubscribe, and sales.


I desire this checklist of the highest email assistance providers will assist you to choose the right platform for your online business.

Since there are plenty of wonderful mechanisms out there, it’s finally about knowing your price points and which features are innumerable significant to you.

Startups require different features than already established businesses so you will be able to find the right fit by focusing on price, delivery, template design, ease of use, and the unique features you need.

My final recommendation:

If you’re looking for a fantastic new email service with developed automation, go with ActiveCampaign.

whether you want great email delivery and the best platform for small businesses, constant communication is your winner.

When you want to count email marketing to your CRM and integrated marketing toolkit, HubSpot is your best choice.

What do you think about this list? Not to mention there is no platform. Let me know in this comment.

Suggested reading at smhaider.com: To further your research, see my reviews of the best CRM software, the best marketing automation software, and webinar software to generate more leads this year.

Disclosure: If you decide to purchase the best email marketing payment plan, I can get you approved compensation for some of the links below at no cost. You can read our affiliate exposure in our Privacy Policy. This site is not planned to supply economic advice. This is for entertainment only.

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