Competing with established brands in international markets

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Established brands above all, the strengths may vary from market to market. To grow a business in international markets, a good place to start is by ensuring that there is sufficient brand awareness in the minds of your audience. After that Balance your brand and demand for marketing efforts

Balance your brand and demand marketing efforts: To establish brands research suggests investing 46% of your marketing budget in brand awareness and 54% in demand generation. It helps nurture cold prospects into warm visitors. Also, on LinkedIn, audiences that receive both brand and acquisition messages are 6x more likely to convert.

This is how Innodisk did it: 

  • Challenge: To establish brands marketing to niche audiences globally and driving accepted marque results efficiently and certainly
  • Solution: LinkedIn adopted a full-funnel marketing strategy as can be seen

Conversion from awareness to audience nurturing as long as

  • Results: As well as 143% increase in website traffic with 88% new visitor traffic

Another key point understand local buyer mindsets and preferences. International visitors may have different needs, preferences and behaviors accepted marque. Install free LinkedIn Insight tags on your website to unlock your demographic. And behavioral insights to better understand your audience and refine your marketing strategy accordingly.

How can I win the trust of customers in the international market to established brands?

As you increase your brand’s share of voice, consider localizing your LinkedIn presence. This can increase message resonance and highlight that your brand understands. And is committed to serving the local market as long as.

Customize your LinkedIn page in 20+ languages

This allows your page name, description and tagline to be displayed in your visitor’s language settings. Learn how to customize it here.

Combining your organic and paid strategies can produce powerful international marketing results.

How do I market effectively in new markets for the accepted marque

Many marketing strategies, such as anchoring on high-value content, can work equally well in your home. And international markets. A test-and-learn mindset can help you understand how local nuances if any, come into play all together.

established brands

Create separate campaigns for local marketing: Understand what resonates best with audiences in different markets. By creating and testing different campaign approaches for established brands as an illustration. Your creatives can include language localization to ‘speak’ directly to the audience.

established brands

Freshworks did it this way to established brands:

Challenges: Nurturing audiences in international markets over a long period of the time sales cycle consequently

Solution: Localized its campaign for the German audience in the German language

Results: 55% lower cost-per-lead and higher engagement rates at the same time

established brands

Freshworks incorporates conversational ads into its full-funnel demand generation strategy on LinkedIn for the accepted marques. This enriched their ad format mix, generated meaningful engagement, and reduced cost per lead (CPL) — by up to 55% in a single campaign.

From interest to intent

When FreshWorks needed to promote a webinar it co-hosted with research and advisory firm Forrester, it deployed a clever mix of video ads. To drive awareness, conversational ads to nurture audiences at the consideration stage, and lead gen forms to seamlessly capture leads for established brands

established brands

 Did you understand that LinkedIn audiences are 2x more committed-obsessional? They want to engage with relevant, informative content.

That’s exactly what Fresh Works did with conversational advertising

1. A suitable sender has been selected Sending conversational ads from an individual, rather than a company, can improve open rates by 10%.

2. The first name macro is used to personalize the message Other macros are also available. Including a job title can increase open rates by 48% and using a company name can improve CTR by 21%, for example.

3. Starting with the identity of the sender for the accepted marque. This helps give the recipient some context. Also, since conversational ads don’t have a subject line, the first line of the message can affect open rates.

4. Keep the message short and to the point with two CTA options. While conversational ads support up to five CTAs, using two or three is optimal for established brands

5. Featuring a banner image of established brands. It’s only visible on desktops but can help improve prime real estate and brand recall. If a banner is not provided, other advertisements may be displayed instead.

established brands


FreshWorks provides organizations of all sizes with SaaS customer engagement solutions. That makes it easy for support, sales, and marketing professionals. To effectively communicate with customers for better service. And cooperate with team members to fix consumer problems for the accepted marque

“For established brands, we started testing with conversational ads after appreciating victory with the message ad format While message ads are significant for pushing a single, strong call-to-action (CTA), we discover informal ads to be even more fascinating. With multiple CTAs, audiences can choose how they want to interact with us This gives us deep insight into our audience’s behavior, needs, and interests.”

established brands
established brands

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