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When you think of a blog post, you are probably drawing a page where there is a lot of writing. Which is not wrong. In the early days of blogging, there were mostly blog posts. Lots of writing. It breaks up images and google text without excessive design. Nowadays, most of us can’t imagine publishing a new post without a picture. Of course, from an SEO standpoint, the text of your blog will always play an important role. But using photos will help your post get more attention on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google. Here, we’ll explain why pictures should be used in your blog posts and where you can get them!

Why you should habituate representations in your journal places? – Images google

Let’s start with the fact that using images google doesn’t mean that we want you to “dress up” your post with beautiful images that move away from the message you’re trying to get.

Used properly, images can help readers understand your content better. As it has been said many other times earlier, an image is valuable as one thousand speech communication.

There is another reason to use the right Images on google in your blog post. Google’s visual search is becoming increasingly important and can no longer be ignored if you want to be visible in search results.

When you have high-quality and optimized images, your images may rank first when people search Google (images). It helps you bring more visitors to your site and you don’t have to have a photography site to appear in these results!

And while this may not apply to Google, it may apply to your readers. If a visitor chooses to visit a site on Pinterest or Facebook, they will choose an image that compels them.

Of course, your call to action or social text should also convince them, but if you don’t use high-quality images, they may skip your blog post.

Tips on how to find pictures for the blog – Images google

If you choose an image for your post, make sure it matches the theme of your blog post. Is your blog about cooking and do you like to take pictures of food? Great!

If these Images google is suitable for your site, be sure to use them. Or if it fits your brand, you might want to consider hiring an Illustrator.

Original images are always a great option when adding images to your blog post. But if it’s not possible right now to take your own picture or hire an illustrator, don’t worry.

You can use stock photos. You don’t have to invest in a photography course, hire a professional photographer, or worry about creating the right picture for yourself.

Option 1: Shoot your own picture – Images google

If you really want to use the original Images google, consider creating your own image. Taking your own picture ensures that you show an original picture, which cannot be found on other blogs.

On top of that, it lets you shoot a photo that really fits the content of your post. If you are blogging about your daily life then taking pictures of yourself is definitely the way to go.

That goes for food blogs. For a company blog or a technical blog, or for on that subject, it can be very difficult to take pictures that fit the content of your post.

Option 2: Hire an Illustrator – Images google

If you have a specific idea of ​​what the Images google on your blog should look like, but you are not able to create or purchase them yourself, you can work with a professional painter or group of painters (as we do on Yoast).

We want to emphasize that you really need a budget for this, but it can pay off. When you work with a professional illustrator you will get original and thematic pictures.

On top of that, if you work with the same illustrator for multiple blogs, you will also find some continuity between the post and your blog. People will recognize your posts just by looking at the image. Which works great for branding.

If you see images of your choice (e.g., on social media), confirm who the artist is. Google the name will probably take you to their portfolio (if they do their SEO well!)

A lot of illustrators and artists work freelance. You can also find a collection of artists providing their services on Facebook.

Option 3: Use stock photos – Images google

If for some reason you can’t create your own pictures, there are many stock photo websites from which you can take pictures. However, you cannot use any photos found on the Internet.

These need permission from someone else and your photographer. Goes for the same image. These Images google are copyrighted and should not be used without the consent of the manufacturer.

You don’t desire to comprehend your blog post on an individual other’s journal. A photographer does not like it when their pictures are published on your site without permission and it can get a claim.

But if you can’t just search images on Google, where can you find them? Fortunately, there are several stock photo websites that have pictures that you can either buy or use.

Always check the licenses described on the website to see if you are permitted to use them and whether the images you use should be credited.

Also, make sure that not everyone is using your favorite stock photo because it does not reflect your brand well. Now, there are many options out there, so let’s go over a few to give you a starting point. – Images google

Unsplash is a great source for blog posts Images google. The images here are fantastic, the website is easy to navigate and the licensing is very clear

All images published on Unsplash can be used free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use. You can even change pictures without the need to give credit to the photographer.

This is a great site to find a picture that you can use in your blog post because the website has a lot of pictures on different topics. – Images google

Another option is Pixabay, which offers both paid and free Images google. There is no need to credit many photo photographers.

If you do not have to credit and you can change the image, you will see that the image is published under Creative Commons CC0. In addition to photos, you can find images, vectors, videos, and even music on Pixabay.– Images google

A third website is Footer, which claims to have more than 335 million free stock photos on its site. You can search by category or simply conduct a search.

Each photo will show the license under which it is listed. Some photos require a photographer’s credit, some photos cannot be changed and some cannot be changed.

This can make it a bit difficult to find a suitable image here, especially since you need to make sure you adhere to the correct license.

These three websites will give you different types of Images on google. But if you still can’t find the right image, you can also visit Yayimages, Shutterstock, librestock, or other stock photo websites you know.

Just make sure the website is trustworthy and you are supposed to be credited with it.

What if my blog is about a topic for which I can’t find an image? – Images google

In the unique case that your blog is about cats, you probably won’t have too much trouble finding images for your blog posts.

But what if you compose about communicating or scheduling? Or a more abstract subject that cannot be easily translated into a picture?

Be creative! You are a blogger, a writer, you can be creative with the pictures you use. For that blogging article, use a (stock) photo of a laptop For a more abstract subject, think of images

that relate to or use images related to that subject Remember: the image does not need to replace your article, it is there to enhance it and get your reader’s attention.

If you can’t really think of a suitable image for your blog post, there’s another option: Have you ever heard of canvas?

The canvas is amazing – Images google

With Canvas, you can create designs for every need in your browser. It has many free designs and you can add text, stock photos (or your own photos), and other elements.

There are templates for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, posters, and much more. With these designs, from drawing to quotes and photos, you’ll be able to create your own unique images for your blog post. It’s definitely worth checking out.

There is a picture for everything – Images google

Rust me when I say that there is a picture for everything. Have you ever checked stock Images google for Lego? We have tons of them like the one shown here.

Even the funniest, weirdest, or ugliest stock photos can inspire you to write.

Say thank – Images google

You, Nowadays, we live in a world where it is very easy to create your own website. Where you use platforms like WordPress, use lots of free plugins and grow your website without spending too much.

If you are one of the few bloggers who make a living by blogging, this is great! In this instance, we throw a message: If you use stock Images google,

consider thanking photographers by donating a (small) amount to thank them for their work to make your website better.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not but consider it. We as bloggers owe a lot to wonderful people who share their knowledge and resources for free.

A few final words – Images google

In this post, we discuss why images should be used in your blog posts and where you can find them Photos and images make your blog post more interesting

and help you get the message out Especially when you share your post on social media, a beautiful picture can greatly increase your exposure. Be sure to pick or create original images for the blog post, which will set you apart from others!

If you have other suggestions for stock Images on google websites that we haven’t mentioned yet, please let us know in the comments.

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